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During this pandemic across the world, almost all the businesses are running online. Unsafe clicks from COVID-19 themed e-mail phishing attacks have increased by 667% since the end of February While you are keeping yourself, your family and society safe by staying at home; we are here to collaborate with you to keep your organization safe and secure. We offer the best breed solution for email security which will contribute to preventing such type of attacks.

To stay safe and fight back with the current situation, we are attaching a very useful eBook, which will guide you through this critical time for enhanced cyber security.

This eBook provides you with 13 key recommendations to make work from home & working online more seamless and more secure.

These recommendations are drawn from Mimecast’s own experience as a global cyber security company to minimize the cyber attacks and working online more secure.

How you gonna address the following business concerns-

What is the risk to your business if data is lost?

Have you heard about targeted threats like spear-phishing or whaling? i.e. Crypto locker, Ransomware or E-mail fraud.

Are you concerned about internal email threats?

Are you ready with email archival or continuity?

Here Mimecast can help you and offer the best breed solution with the above problem to achieve success in no time.

The Mimecast services include:

1. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection (TTP). Inspection of inbound, outbound and internal emails to help detect and fight phishing, ransomware, impersonation attempts, malicious URLs and attachments. TTP includes URL Protect, Attachment Protect, Impersonation Protect and Internal Email Protect.

2. Content Control and Data Leak Prevention (DLP). Protection against the loss of intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information. Email content and secure communication policies can be created and applied to inbound, outbound and internal traffic in real-time.

3. Spam and Virus protection. Stops infected email from reaching the network and impacting user productivity. Mimecast offers 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam service levels – removing threats in the cloud before they reach your network.

Mimecast Partner

About Orient Technologies Pvt Ltd

Orient (www.orientindia.com) is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology areas including Cloud, IOT, DevOps, Mobility and providing smarter end-to-end cybersecurity services to protect your organization. With the right combination of cyber defence solutions and information security technologies we mitigate threats that are presented by distributed applications and users. We provide advanced next generation platforms and capabilities that reflect the increasing importance and visibility of security in today’s business.

About Mimecast

Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ:MIME) (www.mimecast.com) makes business email and data safer for more than 30,400 customers and millions of employees worldwide. Founded in 2003, the company’s next-generation cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services protect email, and deliver comprehensive email risk management in a single, fully-integrated subscription service.

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