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IceWarp - Smooth and Efficient even while working from home!
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Smooth and Efficient even while working from home!
IceWarp is the ONLY alternative to MS Exchange, O365 and G Suite
The unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak has in recent weeks forced many organisations to quite rightly encourage their teams to consider a 'Work from home' environment. This scenario however has brought to light some gaps within many organisations' communication and collaboration systems.

IceWarp's services are designed to bridge this gap and boost the efficiency of your teams, even while working from home, by providing them with multiple essential communication tools. While this unfortunate situation may not be permanent, it is always beneficial to empower your teams so that they can always work remotely. And this can be achieved by re-evaluating your mailing systems and practices, to make them more swift and efficient with the help of efficient tools.
Team Chat &Video Calls Email & Calendaring
These services are enabled to have a project-based collaborations in groups, and can be used in real time and with persistent history for all threads. So your teams can experience a seamless and smooth work from home environment.
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The IceWarp Advantage
Local 24x7
Cloud infrastructure in
Indian datacenters
Awards and Accolades
CIO Choice Awards, 2020
Enterprise Email Category
CIO Choice Awards, 2019
Enterprise Email Category
CIO Choice Awards, 2018
Enterprise Email Category
CIO Select Awards, 2019
Leader in Business Email Platforms
Technoviti Award, 2018
Innovation for the IceWarp Cloud
CRN Channel Champion Awards, 2018
Rising Star Award

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