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Microsoft Workload On AWS

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If you’ve built your business on Microsoft, don’t worry. Our specialists work alongside your IT team to build a secure, reliable, cost-effective cloud solution on the most advanced, fully managed infrastructure available. As an AWS Advance consulting, we help you easily manage your Windows server-based applications on the cloud, while providing the best Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies for the speed and flexibility to develop and deploy faster than ever.

Application Modernization

Orient Technologies as Advance Consulting Partners can provide solutions to, or have deep experience working with businesses to help them develop .NET applications using Microsoft technologies such as MSSQL, IIS, PowerShell, etc. and run them on AWS cloud. we are specialize in migrating and/or building .NET based applications on AWS cloud and modernizing these applications with appropriate AWS services and capabilities.

Database Solutions

Database Solutions Orient technologies as Advance Consulting Partners offer applications and database solutions built on the SQL Server platform on AWS around data management and warehousing, business analytics, structured and unstructured data integration and operation, and ensuring a high degree of security and regulatory compliance.

Productivity Solutions

Productivity Solutions Orient technologies as Advance Consulting Partners offer customer solutions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Microsoft Exchange solutions on AWS cloud that provide design and administrative control, high availability, optimized communications management, security and access, and help ensure internal and regulatory compliance.
  • Microsoft SharePoint solutions on AWS cloud that are designed for the unique needs of customers around content access and management, compliance and security, search, and workflows.
  • Solutions built using Microsoft Windows on the AWS services Amazon WorkSpaces and/or Amazon AppStream 2.0

SQL Server on Amazon EC2

Choice of several versions of Microsoft SQL Server offers you the flexibility to run a database server for as much or as little time as you need, with complete control over the Windows Server settings

Amazon Relational Database Service

Fully managed relational database service that offers SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012, and 2014 while offloading database administration tasks like managing backups, detecting failures and recovering and much more, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP - for a low, predictable price.

Amazon FSx for Window File Server

Fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system which provides shared file storage including full support for the SMB protocol and Windows NTFS, and Active Directory integration.

AWS Directory Service

Managed Microsoft Active Directory in the AWS Cloud for organizations that rely on Active Directory for identity and access management and want close integration with your existing infrastructure.

AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager makes it easier to manage licenses in AWS and on-premises servers from software vendors such as Microsoft. Administrators create customized licensing rules to manage, discover, and report software license usage.

More Windows Server Instances
More regions with muliple AZs (20 vs 8)
Fewer downtime hours in 2018
Higher performance for SQL Server on Windows
More services offering encryption