Orient Hosted Managed Services

Today worldwide IT support is becoming complex and difficult to manage and deliver to every business needs.

Orient Hosted managed services (OHMS) is helping the Organisation to manage the IT services easily through it remote monitoring and support services. OHMS helps in automating the various processes and enable effective proactive action in every category of business needs. OHMS features are as-

  • Audit & Inventory management
  • Remote Control & live Connect
  • Monitoring and remote actions
  • Patch Management & Software Deployment
  • Ticketing control and records management
  • Reports & Info Center
  • IT Automation
  • Flexible, Web-Based Administration

OHMS customers are benefited with extensive-

  • 24 X 7 X 365 days support
  • Continue monitoring and proactive alerts helps in reduce the downtime.
  • Analysis available much before the disaster occur
  • Automated scheduling of patch and antivirus management
  • Cost reduction for the on premises resources expenditure
  • It give reports as per needs helps in various strategic decision to the customers. Reports are easy to customize.
  • Asset management becomes proactive which helps in reducing the failure rate.

OHMS is very easy to implement and connect to the customer assets. It improves-

  • Uptime and availability of the services
  • Compliance of the patch and antivirus management
  • Prevention from the treats and vulnerability increases
  • Response time improves and resolution time reduces
  • Improves the resolution and response time