Microsoft Surface Pro

Orient has recently signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft to offer their Surface Pro 4 to corporate accounts. Purchase yours here


Microsoft has announced the continued evolution of the Surface product line, introducing Surface Pro. Built from the ground up, every details has been obsessed over to create the new Surface Pro. Microsoft has looked at every tiny detail and has introduced some massive new features - a result of years of device anf accessory innovation - to bring the best of versatility to life in their flagship product.

When you invest in the Surface portfolio, you are investing in innovation that transforms. Devices that can help you:

Modernize your business - making it connected, secure and easy to manage, all while presenting the modern face of your business to partners, suppliers, and customers.

Empower your employees - to solve complex problems creatively, collaboratively, and productively, no matter where their work takes them. 

Attract and retain the best talent in your industry - by offering premium tools that balance practical applications with personal appeal, making every employee feel valued.


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